Professional Post Processing

for Medical Devices

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment with vacuum furnaces guarantees the finest grain sizes for annealed stainless steel implants with excellent break elongations and fatigue life results. For cobalt chrome alloys the proprietary process Low-Elast reduces the spring-back effect and recoil behavior of expandable implants like stents.

NiTi Treatment

A main focus is the shape forming and Af temperature setting of NiTi alloys. From miniature devices to normal implants all shape settings are performed by an experienced team of experts. The precisely fixed Af temperatures are measured inhouse by bend-and-free recovery and DSC methods.


Medical devices require a most supreme final surface quality. The electro-polishing department meets this requirement to the best. An extensive assortment of electro-polishing machinery is capable of processing very different and even the most exotic materials. Comprehensive control mechanism and automated electrolyte analysis equipment guarantees a stable process and perfect smooth surfaces.


Passivation and surface cleaning are important surface finishing operations for residual free and biocompatible surfaces.

Mechanical Manufacturing

Additionally MeKo provides complete mechanical manufacturing capabilities with a broad variety of post processing services like bending, milling and mechanical surface finishing.

Quality inspection

Highest level of in-house inspection of all manufacturing processes will satisfy the most stringent quality requirements. A final inspection of 100% assures a quality MeKo’s clients have come to trust.

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