The Stent Manufacturing Experts

We manufacture your endovascular implants

  • ISO 13485 certified quality management system
  • Tight cutting tolerances less than ± 5 μm (± 0.0002“)
  • All kind of materials: 316L (316LVM), VASCULOY®, L605, Phynox, MP35N and NiTi
  • Special expertise in bioresorbable materials such as magnesium and polymers (PLLA, PLGA, ...)
  • More than 2,000 different tube lots in stock for rapid prototyping

MeKo Stent

In 1995 MeKo was the pioneer in stent manufacturing using lasers. Today the company is one of the largest stent contract manufacturers worldwide and well known as a quality leader. Thanks to unique production processes and our know-how we realize even the most challenging projects. MeKo is the contract manufacturer for your next stent-design.



  • Import of your design:
  • We accept .dwg, .dxf, .step and .iges files
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Tube Selection

  • High quality tubes: 316L (316LVM), VASCULOY®, L605, Phynox, MP35N, NiTi, ...
  • Bioresorbable Materials: Magnesium - RESOLOY®, Biopolymers - PLA, PLLA, PDLA, PLGA, PHB, PCL, PGA, ...
  • More than 2,000 different tube lots in stock

Precise Laser Cutting

  • High-end laser systems
  • Precision, burr free laser cutting
  • Tolerances less than ± 5 µm (± 0.0002“)

Post Processing

  • Electropolishing, annealing, shape setting, surface finishing,deburring, passivation, ...

Final inspection

  • Dimensional inspection, tensile testing, cross section and grain structure analysis, SEM-analysis
  • 100 % visual inspection

Delivery worldwide and overnight

Highest precision “Made in Germany“

  • ISO 13485 certified
  • Quality management system


Laser Cutting

Here at MeKo each stent starts as a tube. Various sizes and materials, such as NiTi, 316L (316LVM), L605, MP35N and Phynox are laser cut. More than 2,000 certified tube lots are available in our stock and guarantee a rapid prototyping.

Bioresorbable stents are manufactured from degradable metals like magnesium (RESOLOY®), iron and zinc and from polymers (like PLLA). We advise our customers in tube selection but also work on customer supplied material.
Our special laser systems developed in-house enable high-precision manufacturing with burr-free cut edges. Tolerances of a few µm are not a problem. You have full flexibility for your stent design, almost without any restrictions in length and diameter.


The MeKo electropolishing guarantees an exceptionally smooth stent surface.

MeKo‘s heat treatment produces the world‘s smallest grain sizes (ASTM11 for 316L/316LVM) for higher corrosion resistance and smoother surfaces after the stent dilatation. LowElast optimizes the crimp-behavior of L605 stents.

Heat treatments of NiTi for shape setting and Af-temperature setting are our competence.

The MeKo passivation process ensures a higher biocompatibility. Our special process CoReSurf guarantees a perfect corrosion resistance of stents for better clinical outcomes.

The surface adhesion of drug coatings has been improved with surface modifications such as ModiSurf+.


MeKo Clean Rooms

All steps at MeKo are subject to the highest quality standards. The stents undergo various cleaning processes and verifications during manufacturing. At the final inspection all stents are inspected visually 100 % inside and outside. More than 100 manual microscopes and automated measuring systems are available. On request the inspection is performed in clean rooms according to ISO 7 (Class 10,000) or ISO 8 (Class 100,000).

Our MeKo-Lab provides a comprehensive laboratory for detailed tests and analysis of medical devices.

RESOLOY® Fabrication Process

MeKo is dedicated to technological leadership for precision and quality to offer customers an added value for their products. All processes are optimized. The in-house research and development department develops new customer-oriented solutions for a positive long-term cooperation.


Proprietary unique magnesium alloy for bioresorbable stents, especially available for MeKo-customers.


Nickel and cobalt-free alloy for patients with allergic reactions.