The resorbable magnesium
alloy for scaffolds

MeKo - competence in contract manufacturing
of stents and vascular implants

With Resoloy® MeKo offers a bioresorbable magnesium-alloy with extraordinary properties. Resoloy® is an attractive alternative to polymer scaffolds. In comparison to PLLA, it offers about 3 times higher strength, thinner struts, a higher radial force and is applicable for direct stenting. The degradation time of Resoloy® is adjusted by coatings. It has a proven biocompatibility, no shelf life and no temperature issues.

Properties of RESOLOY®

  • a bioresorbable
    • „leaving nothing behind“
  • biocompatible
  • adjustable degradation time and mechanical properties
  • MRI compatible

MeKo capabilities for Mg-scaffolds

  • laser cutting
  • electro polishing
  • heat treatment
  • coatings for degradation adjustment
  • X-ray marker
  • degradation testing
  • support for scaffold registration

Resoloy® Coatings

Resoloy® Coating

Tubing in stock

Ø 1,80 mm x 0,160 mm (Ø 0.071“ x 0.0063“)
Ø 2,20 mm x 0,160 mm (Ø 0.087“ x 0.0063“)
Ø 3,15 mm x 0,215 mm (Ø 0.124“ x 0.0085“)

Other tubing dimensions upon request.
MeKo Rohrlager

In-vivo studies

MeKo performs in-vivo studies for animal trials in renowned labs:
  • favorable in vivo results for Resoloy® coronary-scaffolds
  • degradation analysis ex-vivo with computed tomography and SEM/EDS
  • OCT/QCA analysis
  • Synchrotron investigation

Degradation Test Lab

MeKo performs in-vitro degradation tests for Mg-scaffolds:
  • simulated blood circulation
  • controlled flow rate, pressure, pulsation and temperature of circulation
  • blood substitute solution for standardized tests: PBS, SBF, ...
  • accelerated in-vitro degradation tests
    • fast and reproducible evaluation of degradation
    • monitoring and visualization of degradation process
    • prediction of in-vivo degradation behavior
MeKo Degradation Test Machines

Resoloy® Fabrication Process

Resoloy® Fabrication Process
Resoloy® Wiley Report

Study Confirms Functionality of the Magnesium Alloy RESOLOY®

Extensive in vitro and in vivo tests have been performed for a scientific study on the degradation of vascular scaffolds (bioresorbable stents) made from the RESOLOY® magnesium alloy.

The results confirm that the degradation time of RESOLOY® can be adjusted thanks to a double coating of fluoride and polymers. A significantly slower degradation is achieved in vitro compared to the Magmaris®. 

An additional advantage is that RESOLOY® degrades with no residue. The animal tests confirm the in vitro results from the test laboratory and demonstrate that RESOLOY® is highly biocompatible. The results of the published study demonstrate the high degree of safety and efficacy of the alloy.

Questions & Answers

What is the current lead time for a Resoloy® scaffold?
If MeKo has the material in stock, the normal lead time is about 4-6 weeks. There is always the possibility of an accelerated production reducing the lead time to about 10 days.
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