The world’s first device to stop small abdominal aortic aneurysms progression

Sarstedt, August 08, 2023

Around five percent of the Western population suffers from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. An abdominal aortic aneurysm is defined as bulging of the main artery of the body (aorta) in the abdominal cavity. The larger the aneurysm becomes the higher the risk for rupture gets. In most cases, patients who suffer from an aneurysm rupture do not survive (up to 80 %). Despite the high incidence of the disease, there is currently no therapy available that prevents small bulges from developing or existing bulges from becoming larger – and thus increasing the risk of rupture. Approximately 90 % of abdominal aneurysms are diagnosed at an early stage when they are small and could thus be treated early on.

To close this gap and help as many patients as possible, the German start-up Angiolutions has developed an innovative device. The implant is placed during a minor, minimally invasive procedure, protecting the aneurysm from harmful biomechanical stress.

Angiolutions relies on the contract manufacturer MeKo MedTech with close collaboration

To produce the implant, Angiolutions – an award-winning medical device company – looked for a laser manufacturing specialist with extensive experience manufacturing medical implants and found what they were looking for in MeKo. The components are laser cut with highest precision before undergoing further treatment. Extensive quality tests are carried out at the end of the manufacturing process.

"With MeKo, we've found an optimal partner to bring our vision to life. Their comprehensive support, spanning from production to lab testing, has been instrumental in helping us deliver a device that truly meets our medical objectives. The professionalism of MeKo's services has been consistently outstanding," extols Dr. Uwe Raaz, Co-CEO of Angiolutions. Co-CEO Dr. Isabel Schellinger echoes this sentiment after touring the production facility: "We were genuinely impressed by MeKo's state-of-the art equipment, their precision measurement systems, and specialized amenities such as the clean rooms."

Markus Binder, who oversees the Angiolutions account, is also enthusiastic about the ongoing collaboration, stating, "Partnering with innovative companies such as Angiolutions serves as a substantial motivation for us."

Angiolutions’ interventional team including one of Angiolutions‘ founders and CEOs Dr. Uwe Raaz (second from right)

Angiolutions’ founders and CEOs: Dr. Isabel Schellinger and Dr. Uwe Raaz 

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